Bamboo Shark

The fact says that the sharks that occupy this world are not only the types of tiger sharks, blackfin sharks, bull sharks or blue sharks.

But there are many types, ranging from the Family Carcharhiniformes, Heterodontiformes, and many others. In the following, we will discuss the Bamboo Sharks.

Bamboo Shark History

The Burmese bamboo, also called Chiloscyllium burdens, is an uncommon fish that stays in the tropical waters off Burma (Myanmar) in Southeast Asia.

It comes from Family Hemiscylliidae, the team referred to as Long-tailed Carpetsharks.

This types is a little shark: the “kind” specimen (the person that was utilized to define these types) gauged simply 57.5 centimeters (22.6 ″) long. It is housed at the Smithsonian Institution, in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

Geographical Location of Bamboo Shark Distribution

Bamboo shark location in the word


Brownbanded sharks are dispersed in the Indo-West Pacific region consisting of off India, Thailand (along the east coast and also the Andaman Islands), Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia (Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and also Komodo), Viet Nam, China, Taiwan, Japan, and also the Philippines.

This variety is likewise discovered off the southerly coastline of New Guinea (Papua-New Guinea and also Iriah Jaya, Indonesia) as well as the northern coast of Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia, and also Queensland).

Unique Name of This Shark

This Shark in the English language includes: Brownbanded Shark, Brown Spotted Cat Shark, Brown-banded Bamboo, Brown-banded Catshark, Brown-Spotted Catshark, Grey Carpet Shark, and Spotted Catshark.

Spanishbamboa estriada
Dutchbruinegebande bamboehaai
Danishbrunbåndet bambushaj
Vietnamesecá Nhám trúc v?n
Thaichalarm Gob
Malayhiu bodoh
Japaneseinu zame
Makassaresemangiwang peke
Malaymungsing hiu
Frenchrequin-chabot bambou
Malayyu bodoh
Malayyu punai
Malayyu tokeh
Malayyu toleh

Bamboo Shark Characteristics

bamboo shark activity, they active for eat. Usually in the day don't do much activity but on night very active.



PlaceIndo-Pacific region
Tank LevelAll tank levels
Care DifficultExpert
Breeding EggCases
Minimum Tank Size180 gallons
HardnessdKH  8–12
Temperature72–78 F

More Characteristics

  1. Length: Men- 1.5 to 2.5 feet; Ladies- 3 to 3.5 feet
  2. The body of the Chiloscyllium plagiosum is slender as well as elongated with a color pattern of many white
    or blue areas, dark bands and also saddles on a light background. The back (back) sides of the dorsal
    ( top) fins are rounded. The pectoral (breast) fins are really muscle.
  3. The mouth is well before the eyes. Their eyes are little with elliptical exerciser (egg-shaped) pupils. The nose
    is rounded and they have short, pointed sensory organs called “weights” attached to each nostril.
  4. Lifespan: In the Wild 25 years; In Captivity Unidentified

Habitat (Let’s Get to Know More)

This little tropical shark is generally located on inshore reef as well as over sandy and also sloppy bottom habitats varying detailed from 0-279 feet (0-85 m). It is a generally solitary animal with tiny people concealing in crevices of the coral reefs, well concealed with their banding pattern.

As a nocturnal feeder, this shark ends up being much more active at night when it excavates the sediments trying to find prey. An incredibly sturdy varieties, the brownbanded bamboo is additionally usually observed in trend swimming pools and also can tolerate hypoxia for extended periods of time.

Bamboo Shark Care



Being a nighttime, bottom-dwelling species that populates deeper waters where little light is present, the Brownbanded Shark is light delicate.

Typically it stays hidden in a fish tank with bright lights on, and as a result need to be provided with an effectively sized cave or light-sheltered room where it can conceal.

Program structures can scrape this shark’s belly, which can bring about infection, so it needs a soft sand substrate. Poor aquarium water quality as well as chemistry can be troublesome for this species.

Biological Conditions of Bamboo Shark

The biological conditions contained in these sharks are so unique, although most are the same as sharks in general.

Distinguishing characteristics

Both dorsal fins are around of equivalent dimension with the beginning of the initial dorsal fin situated opposite the former halves of the pelvic fin bases or a little former to the pelvic fin beginnings.

The base of the very first dorsal fin is longer than the 2nd dorsal fin base. These spineless dorsal fins are bigger than the pelvic fins and have scooped back margins as well as lengthened free back tips.

Color Style

in order to avoid predators, they hide in the crevice


Young individuals are distinctly noted with dark transverse bands and also spread dark areas. The grownups are light brown as well as do not have any color scheme on the body.

Pest for Bamboo Sharks

Specimens of cestode parasites were collected from 120 brown-banded sharks, Chiloscyllium punctatum, collected from Chon Buri province, in the Gulf of Thailand. All fish specimens were found to be infected with cestodes. Eight species in 4 genera of cestodes were recorded, Caulopatera pagei, Orectolobicestus tyleri, Spiniloculus mavensis, Yorkeria hilli, Y. kelleyae, Y. saliputium, Y. yubodohensis and Y. chonburiensis.

In this study, 3,834 specimens of cestodes were found in C. punctatum of which 1,539 specimens (40.14 %) were Yorkeria spp. O. tyleri (51.41 %) with Y. chonburiensis the lowest (0.05 %).

The prevalence of the cestode infection was highest in August (61.9 parasites per fish) followed by October (57.9 parasites per fish) and July (57.6 parasites per fish), whereas infection was lowest in February (21.6 parasites per fish). O. tyleri, S. mavensis, Y. hilli, Y. kelleyae and Y. yubodohensis were found in all seasons.

Five species; C. pagei, O. tyleri, S. mavensis, Y. saliputium and Y. yubodohensis were the first records in Thailand.

Dental Division

The teeth of this sharks (Family: Hemiscylliidae) are not strongly set apart in the top and reduced jaws. Each tooth has a median cusp as well as weak labial root lobes. The variety of tooth rows is 26-35/21 -32.

Both dorsal fins are approximately of equal dimension with the beginning of the initial dorsal fin situated opposite the former halves of the pelvic fin bases or slightly anterior to the pelvic fin origins.

The base of the first dorsal fin is longer than the 2nd dorsal fin base. These spineless dorsal fins are bigger than the pelvic fins as well as have scooped posterior margins and extended cost-free rear pointers.

Bamboo Shark Food

huntering on coral, because they are classified as nocturnal animals, they actively search for food at night


Like all sharks, Brownbanded this sharks are carnivores as well as should be fed a meaty diet plan that includes pieces of fresh shrimp, scallop, squid, as well as marine fish flesh.

Saturating foods in a fluid vitamin offers a boost in vitamins and minerals crucial to the sharks’ wellness. They likewise need an extra source of iodine to avoid goiter disease.

Because they are fairly accommodating, they do not contend well for food with hostile feeders. They do not attack off pieces of food. They need to be given tiny little bits of food that they can conveniently consume entire, or else, they may overlook as well as also spew out chunks that are also huge.

It can be challenging to obtain juveniles to consume. Adding a natural aroma and flavor enhancer such as Seachem Entice, and also introducing real-time farmed-raised saltwater feeder shrimp (white shrimp) to the aquarium can help to pique a persistent feeder’s passion.

It is not uncommon for an infant or a juvenile sampling to not begin eating as soon as possible, and the shark will certainly often starve to death before doing so. Prior to purchasing one of these sharks, make certain it is healthy and balanced, specifically in relation to exactly how the shark is consuming.

Life Time and Size

The maximum reported size of the this shark is 41 inches (104 cm) total length. Adult males reach sexual maturity at 27-30 inches (68-76 cm) in length, while females mature at 25 inches (63 cm) in length.

The life expectancy of the brownbanded bamboo shark is approximately 25 years.

Unique Thing About Bamboo Sharks

  • The white-spotted shark is thought about usual, but little research has been done on this fish.
  • They are oviparous (egg laying) as well as nocturnal (feed during the night). They utilize their strong pectoral fins to crawl, along the bottom looking for food.
  • Since their bodies are slender, they can move in between reefs branches and also conceal in limited coral reef structures.
  • Enrichments at the Zoo: various feedings– mussels, clams, other types of fish not in routine diet plan
  • Since they usually hunt in tide swimming pools, these sharks can endure as much as 12 hours out of the water.
  • These accommodating sharks are most active in the evening.

More : A female white-spotted shark that had actually not had contact with a male for a minimum of 6 years delivered to 3 infants. There are some concepts concerning this event. The mother might have both women as well as male reproductive features as well as have the ability to feed her very own eggs, OR were the item of stored sperm ( delayed implantation), OR she in some way boosted the eggs without sperm. This complicated process,
called parthenogenesis, is the ability of unfertilized eggs to develop into embryos without sperm.

Bamboo Shark Family

  • Hemiscyllium ocellatum (Bonnaterre, 1788)
  • Chiloscyllium arabicum Gubanov, 1980
  • Hemiscyllium strahani Whitley, 1967
  • Hemiscyllium galei Allen & Erdmann, 2008
  • Hemiscyllium henryi Allen & Erdmann, 2008
  • Chiloscyllium plagiosum (Anonymous [Bennett], 1830)
  • Hemiscyllium halmahera Allen & Erdmann, 2013
  • Chiloscyllium indicum (Gmelin, 1789)
  • Hemiscyllium freycineti (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824)
  • Hemiscyllium trispeculare Richardson, 1843
  • Hemiscyllium michaeli Allen & Dudgeon, 2010
  • Chiloscyllium hasseltii Bleeker, 1852
  • Chiloscyllium griseum Müller & Henle, 1838
  • Chiloscyllium punctatum Müller & Henle, 1838
  • Chiloscyllium caeruleopunctatum Pellegrin, 1914

It’s list of the bamboo shark family

How to Mate Bamboo Sharks

Sperm storage tends to happen in female pets when they are solitary and breeding opportunities are occasional. Amongst sharks, various other species known to utilize this reproductive device include the gummy shark, the dusky shark and the scalloped hammerhead. Many birds, reptiles and also invertebrates likewise are known to store sperm, which can come from several men.

Researchers from the US and also the UK wished to identify whether lasting sperm storage space or parthenogenesis– reproduction where fertilisation has actually not occurred, which is understood to occur in some shark varieties– lagged the brownbanded bamboo shark’s birth, making use of hereditary evaluation.

The instance virtually doubles the document of sperm storage as well as effective fertilisation in a shark, with the previous longest recognized occurrence at 28 months in a types of dogfish, claimed Mr Bernal.

Long-term sperm storage is a strategy that allows fertilisation happen even if a female is not ovulating at the time of breeding and also “allows women to create a number of clutters from a single reproductive set”, said Mr Bernal. This was seen in the restricted women sharks which remained to generate multiple egg cases in the months and years after having been around male sharks.

It is assumed the types shops sperm in specialist tubes in the oviducal gland.

This Sharks recreate by transferring egg cases which shield the eggs and establishing embryos inside until they hatch out. Captive people have actually been observed complying with a reproductive pattern of mating in between July and also September with females saving sperm as well as laying eggs from July to February the following year. Children sport distinct dark bands, which fade as they grow older.

The Main Enemys of Bamboo shark

Escape from enemys, they will spend time avoiding predators during the day


Of all the types of fish in the sea, there is only one enemy of the shark, which is another shark that is bigger than it.

Operation of the Reproductive System

Paired eggs are launched right into the benthic atmosphere. Measuring 4.3 × 5.9 inches (11 × 15 cm), the egg instances is elongated and flattened. The embryos feed completely on the yolk within the egg case till they hatch and end up being free-swimming.

Potential killers of the brownbanded bamboo shark include larger fish such as sharks as well as aquatic animals.

More :

  1. Little is understood about the reproduction of the Chiloscyllium plagiosum.
  2. The males have exterior appendages called claspers used to feed the woman. After she is fed,
    the female lays egg cases with a creating embryo shark inside each case.
  3. The embryos feed solely on the yolk as well as it can take up to 3 months to hatch. The young sharks are
    roughly 5 inches long when they are birthed.

Taxonomy of Bamboo Shark

The brown-banded bamboo shark was originally referred to as Chiloscyllium punctatum by Müller & Henle (1838 ). It belongs to the family members Hemiscyllidae which includes these sharks and carpet sharks.

In past scientific literary works, this types have actually been misidentified as Chiloscyllium platinum, Chiloscyllium griseum, as well as Chiloscyllium hasselti.

One synonym, Chiloscyllium margaritiferum Bleeker 1863, has been used in reference to the brown-banded bamboo shark. The category name, Chiloscyllium, is derived from the Greek “cheilosis” indicating lip and “skylla” defined as a kind of shark.

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